Delivery couldn’t get any easier.

Automated technology was built to make deliveries easier. We bring the best delivery partners together using technology to help you and your company grow. Let's talk. Start delivering today!

Delivery that ’s crafted to your needs

Let us handle your delivery while you focus on your core business

On-Demand Delivery

Enable an on-demand, same day delivery experience that your customers expect.

Cost Effective
Aggregation allows us to ensure the route is assigned to a delivery provider that is local and economically viable. Find out more
Easy Setup, a Network for You.

Get your delivery network live within a few clicks on our easy-to-use dashboard.

Real-time GPS tracking and status updates ensures your customer can feel confident knowing you will be there on time. Find out more

Multi-industry focused logistics


If its office catering, restaurant to customer delivery, a last minute breakfast meeting, our SLA's allow us to reach your customer in as little as 10 minutes ensuring your food arrives the way you want it, hot and ready to go!


We have partnered with facial recognition technology leaders to ensure when we deliver to your patient, we reach that patient and no one else. Multi drop, or direct, we've got you covered.


Customers want to feel like the experience was made for them. We have worked with our delivery network to ensure that comes through and that the product you work so hard to produce leaves your store or warehouse and arrives the way you want it. Be it multi drop to white glove point to point service anywhere in the world. Lineten is here.


Grocery shopping is a very personal experience. We don't plan on replacing the in-store experience but offering something equal to those that don't have time. Groceries are comfort and home combined and our partners understand that.

Last mile

Route optimisation guarantees the most cost efficient cost per drop. We pride ourselves on the web that is our last mile solution. Are you a larger carrier? A retailer or pharmaceutical chain? Get in touch.

Tech repair

Phones and consumers are inseparable today and who can blame them! When a phone goes down, or your laptop leaves you high and dry, it's vital to get your life back on track. We promise SLA's between pick up, repair (where the store can fulfil) and return in as little as 90 minutes. 90 minutes to get your life back is not bad!
Noqu Delivery

Reach you customer through Delivery

We partner with multiple delivery services to provide the best on demand services for your customers. Whether you have a retail store, restaurant, or provide specific services such as pharmaceutics, let us handle your delivery needs by signing up now! Find out more

We partner with multiple delivery services including:

Addison Lee Quiqup Stuart MTData Crawfords DHL Autocab Delivery Mates
Store online
Noqu Online

Bringing your store online

Designed for all ecommerce businesses, from retailers to catering, our ordering system ensures your customer constantly has access to delivery providers. Find out more
Noqu POS Bridge

Connecting your POS online

Global partner to the largest POS providers. Whether you’re using a current POS, multiple POS services or are looking to setup one for the first time we’ve got you covered. Find out more
Brink POS
Gail’s Bakery

Gail’s Bakery

Jimmy Woodrow (head of delivery) “Lineten is vital in the last step to reaching our customer. Not only have they honed our delivery model, through their on-time tracking, they have sped up our bakeries punctuality in preparing our goods.”



A managed delivery service for you and your customers.

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Online Ordering

Bring your story to your customers online, through your own branded experience.

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POS Bridge

One integration gives you access to multiple POS systems.

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