POS Bridge.

Streamline your omni-channel operations through the integration of e-commerce and POS

Key Features

Key Features
Inventory connected online

We know the stress of an order that you can't fulfil. Using our POS integrations, we can ensure your online ordering solution (be it NOQU or other) reconciles with inventory, protecting you and your customers.

Multiple POS systems, one online platform

NOQU POS Bridge ensure you can have multiple POS systems communicating with one online solution at any given time. so where you inherit legacy POS, we have you and your stores covered.

24/7 99.99% uptime

Thats right, 99.99% of the time, we can guarantee our POS bridge. Where we need help, we have technically honed men and woman, with years of rigorous training. Our technical support team have learned to take any task and turn it into a solution. 24/7, they are here for you.

Global partner to the largest POS providers

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